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Encrypted File Transfer and File Sharing with UK Hosting. Made Simple with AMS File Transfer.

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Our Features



Scalable cloud and on premise multi-tenanted options will ensure a solution that will grow with your file transfer and business requirements.


Audit Trail

Our extensive audit trail gives you full traceability and reassurance. Gain visibility on document downloads, as well as a true recall option.


Secure Messages

Eliminate your concerns with sending sensitive information by email. Add security to your email content as well as your files.



Aid your compliance initiatives. Comply with security policies and privacy regulations, including GDPR. Ease external pressures on the security of your documents.


Large Files From Outlook

Eliminate file size limits in Outlook, removing the inconvenience and delay of having to deliver files via splitting emails and other means.


Personalisation & Branding

Make the portal your own, improving the image of your business internally and externally, and ensuring users feel comfortable with the look and feel.


Flexible Security Options

Configurable options around authentication, providing several levels of security. Tailor the balance between ease and security, dependent on document security requirements.



Improve the efficiency of your user’s workflow and the transfer process. Make it easy to deliver large or sensitive files with familiar and simple to use tools.

Integrates seemlessly with other systems:

We can also integrate with any system using our
comprehensive modern restful API

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