You may receive an email and be unsure whether it’s from AMS File Transfer. Before taking any action it’s important to ensure it’s genuine to protect yourself from phishing or malware attacks. To help here are a few guidelines to distinguish the real from the fake.

Verify the sender

Our notification email address is:, make sure the from address matches exactly. The smallest change can indicate a suspicious email, for greater detail you can also check the email header information.

Email Content

All links will direct you to your File Transfer website which starts https://* (where * is customised)

No attachments will be contained directly in the email

We will never ask you to reply to an email with usernames, passwords or other personal information

Emails are generated from templates to ensure a consistent look and feel. If the formatting has changed from previous emails then pay close attention. Note that administrators are able to legitimately update these templates.

If you don’t trust a link in an email, go directly to your MFT website and access the files


AMS Managed File Transfer is an enterprise solution and offers a high degree of customisation. The sender email address and website addresses may differ from those outlined above. If in doubt contact your trusted administrator or our support team who can help confirm this.