How to distinguish a genuine AMS File Transfer notification from a fake one?

You may receive an email and be unsure whether it’s from AMS File Transfer. Before taking any action it’s important to ensure it’s genuine to protect yourself from phishing or malware attacks. To help here are a few guidelines to distinguish the real from the fake. Verify the sender Our notification email address is:, […]

How do I use File Shares?

If you have the right permissions, you will see a My File Shares menu option in the Client area. From here you will be able to create files shares or view the files and folders that have been shared with you.

What is my web portal URL?

The default web portal URL is but it is possible your company has its own URL. In that case, you will need to contact your system administrator or our support team to get your company’s MFT portal URL.

Does a transfer always require at least one file?

No, you can send transfers without any files. The requirement is that every transfer should have at least one file or a secure note. So, you can send transfers without a file but with a secure note.

Where can I view the audit for transfers?

You can view the audit for all the transfers you have sent from the Sent Items section under My Transfers. As an admin, you can view all transfer audits under the File Transfers section in the Admin area.