AMS File Shares

Secure File Share Containers

AMS File Shares allows you to create common areas to share information with your colleagues, customers and partners. By creating a familiar file and folder structure, you can easily store and manage your documents, longer term, all in one place.

Manage your File Share Container

Manage invited users and control their access options using different role based permissions to restrict control of the content.  Current controls include Download, Checkout/ Check In (version control), Comments, Rename, Move & Delete files and folders.

File Share Notifications

Provide users full control over which email notifications they would like to subscribe to
and how often they receive them.

Easy to Use

Using our powerful Web Interface, file share containers can be easily created and managed through a single interface on any device.  With no browser plugins to install or manage, there are less overheads on IT.  Being intuitive, user training is kept down to a minimum, whilst user adoption is maximised.

Track and Report

Controlling who has access to your data enables you to fully track and audit each action of every user on the system.  Recording both completed and attempted access of information helps protect your data and allows you to be fully compliant with current regulations.


Bespoke integration options and process automation can be achieved using our
RESTful API.  Minimise manual input and eliminate human error by integrating with back office systems.

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