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SFTP has for many years been a widely used and trusted solution within many organisations. Although extremely secure, it’s never been the easiest to manage and support.

AMS introduces an easy to use SFTP service, providing a secure platform, with central management & easy to manage role-based permissions and a central audit history.

Cloud SFTP

A secure and reliable cloud SFTP service takes the hassle away and provides a fully managed platform allowing you to continue offering connectivity to your customers using their preferred method

Multi-channel access

Supporting both SFTP and HTTPS in a single interface allows you to be flexible for your file sharing needs, whilst maintaining the security and access control you would expect from a hosted SFTP service

File Sharing

Use the secure encrypted platform to store and collaborate on files and folders for the longer term while offering version control and a full audit trail

SFTP Automation

SFTP automation helps provide efficient exchange of data using an encrypted SFTP connection. Automation can simplify and speed up the transfer of data, whilst increasing productivity of your processes.

Businesses Trust AMS

Combined SFTP and Web Based File Sharing in a single interface

Allow existing customers to upload files using their preferred method of connection, either using HTTPS or SFTP. Nothing has to change with your customer’s process, but you get the added benefit of managing this in a more secure, controlled, and user-friendly way, ensuring no interruption to your existing processes. As with any secure on-premise or cloud based SFTP service, security is paramount and having an encryption layer present helps mitigate the risk involved in transferring sensitive data. Each connection is secured using either HTTPS or SFTP and is fully encrypted in-transit and at-rest using 256-bit AES encryption.

Empower Users

Utilising our intuitive user interface, you’ll be able to reduce load on IT by empowering users and allowing them to freely share the data they need to, whilst offering visibility and security from the outset. You’ll be able to centralise user management and policies, providing simpler user management than a traditional SFTP server. Whether you have in-house skills or want to utilise our development team, you’ll be able to automate the secure upload using your current scripts, SFTP client or integrate directly via our RESTful API. Users can also be notified via email of any activity associated with the transfer meaning they can access information and make decisions much quicker.

Full Audit Trail

As with all AMS solutions, AMS SFTP has a central audit trail for traceability and reporting on all activities. This will help aid your compliance and security obligations keeping in line with GDPR, which has historically been a challenge with traditional SFTP. Using the detailed built in reports and compliance audits within the Admin client you’ll be able to pinpoint every stage of the transfer as well as actions undertaken at an application level by any user. Reports and audits can also be exported and utilised for management or board meetings.

SFTP Cloud & On-Premise options

We pride ourselves on our secure UK Microsoft Azure hosted solution but understand that some of our customers have security policies which dictate solutions must be hosted on-premise. The software is identical with on-premise and the cloud option, meaning that functionality between the two options is exactly the same. Your chosen deployment option comes down to your and your organisation’s preference and our experienced engineers will be there every step of the way. With either option, you can expect and rely on the unparalleled security and usability of the solution.

Our Plans

From one secure encrypted platform there are 3 different ways of using the solution. Whether you’re looking for point to point transfer, longer term storage and collaboration, automation from customer SFTP clients or a mixture of all 3, we’re confident there will be a plan suitable to your business.

Secure File Transfer

Secure Point to Point 2-way Transfer solution with 256 bit-AES encryption and audit trail

  • 2-way secure transfer
  • Any file type, any size
  • 256-bit AES Encryption
  • Full audit trail and traceability
  • 3 authentication options
  • Automatic deletion with expiry
  • Full management and reporting
  • 2-factor Authentication option

File Sharing

Longer term secure storage and collaboration within a 256 bit AES encrypted portal

  • Share internally and externally
  • No file size or file type restriction
  • Built-in workflow options
  • 256-bit AES Encryption
  • Full audit trail and traceability
  • File access roles controlled by originator
  • Full management and reporting
  • 2-factor Authentication option


Allow your clients or suppliers to dictate the transfer process with their own SFTP client of choice

  • No change to external user process
  • Full automation
  • 256-bit AES Encryption
  • Full audit trail and traceability
  • Adds control and security
  • Full management and reporting
  • Multi-channel access
  • Modernise SFTP

Get AMS today, free – for 15 days.

You can get a real feel for the solution with our 15 day free trial. This will allow you test all the features to ensure it is the right solution for you and your organisation.

Get AMS today, free – for 15 days.

You can get a real feel for the solution with our 15 day free trial. This will allow you to test all the features to ensure it is the right solution for you and your organisation.

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