SFTP Made Easy


SFTP has for many years been a widely used and trusted solution within many organisations. Although extremely secure, it’s never been the easiest to manage and support.

AMS introduces an easy to use, cloud/on premise based SFTP service, providing a secure platform, with central management & easy to manage role-based permissions and a central audit history.

How does this work?

AMS SFTP combines the best of AMS File Shares, where you can create secure containers to share information with your colleagues, customers and partners, but also allows them to connect to your container using their preferred SFTP client.  You can create a familiar file and folder structure, to easily store and manage your documents, longer term, all in one place.

Maintain your current process & save the hassle of changing technology by using SFTP with AMS File Shares – providing you with complete control and virtually no account management once set up.

Traditionally administrators were forced to maintain the access control of users, but with AMS File Shares, the control is given back to the user, so they can effectively manage their own account and email notifications.

If you’re struggling to move away from SFTP, but need to find an alternative hybrid solution, below are a few reasons why you should consider AMS File Shares:

1.  Combined SFTP and Web Based File Sharing in a single interface

Via a single File Share allow existing customers to upload files using their preferred method of connection, either using HTTPS or SFTP.

2.  Empower Users

Reduce load on IT by empowering users and allowing them to control the data they send, offering visibility and security from the outset. Centralise user management and policies, providing simpler user management than a traditional SFTP server.

3.  Full Audit Trail

AMS File Shares centrally audits and reports on all activity, to aid your compliance and security requirements, historically a challenge with traditional SFTP.

4.  Malware Scanning

All files uploaded and downloaded through our hosted solutions are scanned for malware.  Offering anti-virus as standard, not only protects the integrity of your files & data which you share with your colleagues, customers and partners, but also protects you as a business when receiving files.

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